SalesChain News and Events

Sharp National Dealer Meeting

December, 2015: SalesChain is proud to participate in the Sharp National Dealer Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

EAutomate User Group Meeting

October, 2015: SalesChain is proud to support the EAutomate user community in Salt Lake City, Utah. Join us to see first hand how Saleschain can help your dealership better utilize EAutomate.

SalesChain releases a new Funding Expectation and Lease Prefunding Analysis Tool

September, 2015: Our new Funding Expectations analysis tool gives owners and finance managers a real-time perspective of what deals are likely to fund in the next week, helping you allocate resources and make decisions which impact cash flow. This tool includes the ability to measure and report one or more “Pre Funding Agreements” that you may have with leasing companies. Customizable definitions of order and workflow criteria provide flexibility that makes this report meaningful. It is fully integrated with the Credit Desk and Delivery Desk Workflow Automation utilities, therefore allowing the normal actions taken by users to impact the quality of data and presentation.

The Report is broken up into 4 Sections:

  • Orders that are delivered and ready to fund or have already funded.
  • Orders where all equipment is present, lease is approved, and waiting on delivery to be scheduled or is schedule for this week.
  • Orders where lease is approved but not all equipment is on hand.
  • Segregation summary of up to 5 finance company Prefunding Agreement summaries.

SalesChain releases Customer Master Review Tools

August, 2015: Customer reviews are now as easy as a click. SalesChain is proud to release a new "Master View" providing an all in one detailed report providing a complete listing of every machine by location with meter usage statistics, lease and service contract details, and linked accessories too. We also provide a matching view that lists asset details grouped by service contract.

SalesChain releases Delivery Desk Dashboard

July, 2015: SalesChain is proud to release a comprehensive delivery desk dashboard that measures and present comprehensive details related to your order fulfillment workflow.

  • A comprehensive tool to analyze the time to complete the order fulfillment process. Track individual steps within your customizable delivery workflow.
  • A more detailed time tracking mechanism to include exclusions for holidays and weekends.
  • Established a basis of an 8 hour day for purposes of computing time worked.

Catalog Maintenance Expands to Include Images

June, 2015: Our Catalogs Made Easy service is proud to anounce the availability of product images within our product catalog. Our comprehensive catalog now includes images that can be merged within documents to create attractive proposals automatically.

SalesChain Releases Attitude For Technology Profiling toolset for Growth Achievement Partners

January, 2015: Profiling a customers technology attitude just got a lot easier. SalesChain is proud to partner with Growth Achievement Partners to integrate their Attitude For Technology profiling methodology into SalesChain. Now, with a click of a button, a comprehensive profiling questionaire is available to store and report customer details.