One Vendor, One System, One Solution.

SalesChain is the most powerful Sales and Dealer Management Software for Office Equipment Dealers. Our integrated suite of products offers comprehensive sales management tools including sales analytics, deal pricing, proposal and order documentation, sales rep commissions, advanced forecasting and delivery workflow automation.

Our integrated system is used by successful dealers across the USA and Canada. Here are key features and benefits to integrating one system designed for Office Equipment Dealers and working with one vendor who understands your business dynamics.

Help Desk Support: Expect the same level of support that your customers expect of you. Choose SalesChain™ over Act!™, Compass™, Goldmine™,™ and Soaring™.  SalesChain™provides all of your reps and managers with world class support from the Help Desk where they can talk to a real person when they need help.

Access to information:  SalesChain’s integration to eAutomate™, OMD™ and Lacrosse™ is unmatched.  We don’t just read data… we present the data to sales reps in a way that is meaningful and useful… and we alert the sales reps when THE DATA indicates that action is required.

Sales Dispatch (Workflow Automation): Cold call sales blitzing, competitor lease displacement, nurture letter campaigns, and customer service alerts are just some of the examples of intelligent workflow processes that you can implement with SalesChain™.  Yes, this is common sense, but it is common sense put into action!

Lease Portfolio Management: Leasing is the most fundamental tool used by dealers to control the customer.  Retaining lease customers is a 95% probability of close… except of course, if your sales reps and managers FORGET to call them at the right time.  Don’t laugh,  upwards of 10% of leases go into lease extensions just for this reason!   Who pays for this?  YOU DO!  Let Saleschain™ take you from an 87% lease portfolio recovery to 92% recovery (or even more).  You do the math.

Management Tools: It still amazes me how much time Sales Managers and Sales Reps spend compiling activity and pipeline reports.   SalesChain’s activity and pipeline and quota achievement reports save time and provide real-time access to the state of your sales force.  Accurate information means better and faster decisions can be made.  Less time crunching spreadsheets means MORE TIME FOR SELLING!

Sales Management or MPS:  MPS is absolutely important for every dealership.  However, don’t forget that 95+% of your revenue is still going to come from traditional sales.  Don’t purchase an MPS quoting tool like Compass™ and try to use it for your CRM.  It’s kind of like asking the kicker to fill in for the quarterback!  It just does not work.

All we focus on is Sales:  SalesChain is all about helping your dealership sell more products, more profitably.  We do NOT compete with Digital Gateway™ or ECI™.  SalesChain is the Premier Partner for e-Automate™.  You can be assured that we’ll keep working with your vendors today and tomorrow.